Application Changes

This page lists the acceptable changes and deadlines allowed by Cal Poly.

To request a change to information submitted on your application for Admission, please fill out the form below under the 'Submitting Changes' section. Please be specific with your changes and provide exact detail. You will receive notification once changes have been made to your application. Deadlines to submit changes to the application are listed below.


Please note: Bio/Demo (name/address, etc.) changes should be made via your MyCalPoly.
All test scores need to be sent electronically from the testing agency or via Cal State Apply.

Deadlines for Submitting Changes

Academic Quarter Deadline
Fall Quarter -
Art and Design (all applicants)
Music (all applicants)
Architecture (Transfer applicants only)
January 1
Fall Quarter - Regular Decision
(Except for majors/levels listed above)
January 15

Submitting Changes

Please complete the appropriate form based on your application type:

Please be aware that should you be conditionally admitted you must meet the terms and conditions of admission:

Be Advised: All submitted changes are subject to approval.

  • Cal Poly does not use the area for Additional Non A-G courses in our selection process. 
  • Fall applicants cannot utilize Summer 2017 coursework to validate Admission requirements. Per the application instructions, these courses are not to be entered into the application.
  • Cal Poly does not update grades earned in the fall or spring semester of your senior year or year of transfer
  • Cal Poly does not update/correct your self-reported GPA. We will use the coursework and grades entered on the application to calculate an overall GPA for each applicant.
  • Test scores received after submitting the application should be sent to Cal Poly electronically by the testing agency
  • Cal Poly does not update coursework for Freshman applicants once your application has been submitted. Transfer applicants may only make changes to courses for the Spring term directly preceding the intended Fall enrollment term.

Major Changes

  • Please refer to the Selection Criteria on the Admissions website to ensure you have courses required and desired for the new major.
  • Cal Poly is impacted in all majors and rarely considers an alternate major.
Be Advised: All submitted changes are subject to approval.

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