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First, choose the category below that best represents your status and complete the short interest page telling us about yourself. You will need an email address at which you regularly receive email. The Admissions Office may send you special notices/updates about admission to Cal Poly as well as special campus events to which you can RSVP. Therefore, if you still use a family email, you should continue to check that email regularly for messages from Cal Poly.

Freshman - You are currently in high school (with or without completed college work); or you have graduated from high school and have not completed any college coursework after high school graduation prior to entering Cal Poly.

Transfer - You have graduated from high school and plan to have 60 or more college transferable semester units completed at time of entry to Cal Poly.

Graduate - For those students who are interested in a graduate degree or program.

International - International students with international education.

Veterans – For all branches of our U.S. armed forces.

Parents - Parents and supporters information

Counselors - High School or college counselor information

Please note: Once you submit your interest page, your username and password will be sent immediately through email so you can access your VIP page after it is created.

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VIP Page login

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