Residency for Tuition Purposes

The laws of California distinguish between residents and nonresidents for tuition purposes. Tuition and fees are subject to state budge approval. Current fees, including non-resident tuition, can be found at:

**State requirements to establish residency for tuition purposes are independent from those of other types of residency.**

A resident for tuition purposes is someone who meets the requirements set forth in the California Educational Code, Section 68000-68084 and 68120-68134, and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, sections 41901-41915.

Residency is determined after the student has been accepted for admissions, or upon request for a residency reclassification.

Residence Determination Date

To be classified a resident for tuition purposes, a student must show he/she has been a legal California resident for at least one year immediately prior to the Residence Determination Date. The Residence Determination Dates are as follows:​

Quarter Determination Date
Fall September 20th
Winter January 5th
Spring April 1st
Summer July 1st

In this section:

Important note: This summation is not a complete explanation of the laws regarding California residence for tuition purposes. Applicable sections of the California Education Code and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations are available for review at the Admissions Office, Room 206, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm . You may also review them on-line at:

You may also contact the Admissions Office with questions concerning residency issues not covered here.

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