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Use this section and find answers to common questions/problems.

Portal Support offers help with potential problems found while using MyCalPoly.


    If you forget your password, the ONLY METHOD for retrieving your password is following the instructions on the 'Forget Password' page:


    Please note: NO CAL POLY OFFICE, including the Admissions Office, can give you your password by phone or through email. The instructions on the link above is the only way to retrieve your password.

  2. I forgot my confirmation number.
    1. Link to www.csumentor.edu
    2. Click the 'Apply Online' tab.
    3. Choose the appropriate application section (Undergraduate/Graduate/International).
    4. Choose the 2016 - 2017 application box.
    5. Log in with your CSUMentor username and password under 'Returning users'.
    6. Scroll down to 'Online applications already submitted' and hit 'View Application Confirmation' next to the appropriate application.
    7. Scroll down to view your confirmation number.
    8. Return to the Cal Poly Password Manager to retrieve your Cal Poly username and set your portal password.
  3. I don't have a confirmation number.

    All applicants who have applied through Cal Poly's online application at www.csumentor.edu were issued a confirmation number upon completion/submission of their application. These applicants retrieve their confirmation number by referencing question #2.

    Other applicants who submitted a paper application will not have a confirmation number and must contact the Admissions Office for assistance.
  4. Is my confirmation number all numbers?

    Except for the letter 'F,' all characters in your confirmation number are all numbers. Some applicants have entered the letter "O" incorrectly instead of entering a zero.
  5. Can I use my VIP username and Password to access the Portal?

    No, there is a separate username and password for MyCalPoly that is different than your VIP login info.

    Applicants are required to wait for the email with the subject header: "Your next steps after applying to Cal Poly" before attempting to access MyCalPoly.
  6. I don't have a zip code.

    International applicants who do not have a zip code and cannot retrieve their username or set their password themselves should contact the Admissions Office for help with accessing MyCalPoly.
  7. Does the Portal timeout?

    MyCalPoly will timeout after 20 minutes of non-activity for security reasons.

    Be Advised, if you are viewing any of these items:

    • To do list
    • Application status
    • Personal Information

    Your timeout may be longer in your self-service interface. Please make sure you logout of all screens when finished viewing the Cal Poly Portal.

  8. Still having trouble with Cal Poly Web Portal login? Call the Admissions Office (805) 756-2311 M-F noon to 5pm (except Wednesday's and campus holidays).

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Applicants (who have received the access email) and Admitted students can access Cal Poly's Uportal: MyCalPoly.

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