Access MyCalPoly

After receiving your "Access MyCalPoly" email:

  1. Navigate to this login page:

    MyCalPoly Portal screenshot
  2. Enter these four items to authenticate your identity and hit 'submit:'
    First Name - matches the name in the email "Your next steps after applying to Cal Poly"
    Last Name - matches the name in the email "Your next steps after applying to Cal Poly"

    Helpful hints:
      >do not include suffixes (e.g. Jr., Sr., III, etc.)
      >names containing an apostrophe or dash, should be entered with the apostrophe or dash
      >an applicant with two first names, should remove the space between the first names (e.g. "Carol Ann" becomes "Carolann")

    Zip Code - match what was entered on your application
    Last 8 digits of Application Confirmation Number - from your submitted application and email, this item is all numeric except for the letter denoting your term (F=Fall).

    Problems with retrieving any of the four? Click here for help with the portal.
  3. The system will display your username and allow you to set your password for access to MyCalPoly.

    Click the "Password FAQ and Rules" link for help in creating a secure password. Rules for creating a password on the Cal Poly system are extremely specific. You are encouraged to answer all the security questions. The security questions will allow you to reset your password .

    REMEMBER: Save your password in a secure and private location.*
  4. Click here to log on to MyCalPoly and verify your personal information including:
    1. Addresses
    2. Phone number
    3. Emergency contacts
    4. Email address

*Applicants: You will need this password periodically throughout the application process. Please do not lose your passwords. If you forget your password, the ONLY METHOD for retrieving your password is following the instructions on the 'Forget Password' page:

NO CAL POLY OFFICE, including the Admissions Office, can give you your password by phone or through email. The instructions on the link above is the only way to retrieve your password.

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Applicants (who have received the access email) and Admitted students can access Cal Poly's Uportal: MyCalPoly.

Access MyCalPoly