Testing Information (ACT/SAT)

Cal Poly requires that test scores be sent electronically either from the testing agency or via the CSUMentor website. Paper test scores will not be accepted.

College Entrance Tests (ACT and/or SAT-I math and critical reading only) are used in several ways at Cal Poly:

  • ACT and/or SAT-I test scores are used in the test score field in the freshman admission selection process.
  • SAT-II test scores may be used for additional college prep coursework from high school by subject matter if the test scores meet a minimum established score (refer to the CSUMentor application website for specific information and minimum score requirements).
  • Fall Quarter: If an applicant has updated test scores after submitting the application, test scores must be received no later than January 15. If you are applying to Art and Design or Music, submitted test scores must be received no later than January 1.
  • Once admitted, minimum scores on the ACT, SAT-I (math and critical reading) or SAT-II for English and/or mathematics may exempt new students from English and/or mathematics placement tests.

Order ACT scores by clicking here.

Order SAT 1 scores by clicking here.

ACT - (Cal Poly's code for ACT: 0188)
SAT - (Cal Poly's code for SAT: 4038)

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