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EMAIL ALERT: If you have been admitted to the 2017 Fall Quarter and you use gmail to receive emails, you are advised to add the email address: ecoms@calpoly.edu to your contact list. This will ensure you receive emails sent from the Admissions Office in a timely fashion. You should also check your spam folder for any emails from ecoms@calpoly.edu. Email is our primary form of communication and emails are sent from ecoms@calpoly.edu.

Once you have been admitted to Cal Poly and have received the congratulations e-message, the MyCalPoly portal will change with these new tabs (in addition to changes on the 'Admissions' tab):

  • "What's Next?" which lays out a timeline and important action items;
  • "Orientation Events" so you can make plans to participate;
  • "Money Matters" links to the financial aid information;
  • "Housing" links you to housing information;
  • "Personal Info" with links to maintaining your password and addresses;

So, while you make your way to your first quarter:

  1. Read the 'Terms and Conditions of Admission' so you understand what is expected during the enrollment process.
  2. Keep an eye on important dates and know when deadlines are approaching through MyCalPoly. Transcripts for newly admitted undergraduate students to Fall Quarter are due July 15th.
  3. Get involved! Make plans for participating in the orientation programs we offer to new students. They are important as you get acquainted with a new school, a new town and a new way of living.
  4. Get familiar with campus contacts and know whom to call BEFORE there's actually a need.
  5. Email is the official mode of communication at Cal Poly. You must check email regularly for updates, general messages and notices.

Remember: You must accept Cal Poly's offer of admission by 5pm PST by May 1, 2017 via MyCalPoly (on the Student Center's accept/decline link). The deadline to submit your final transcript(s) is July 15, 2017.

More importantly, we look forward to having you as a member of the Cal Poly community. When you need any kind of assistance through the enrollment process, please don't hesitate to contact us.

James Maraviglia
Associate Vice Provost
for Marketing and Enrollment Development

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