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Fall 2013
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Selection to all majors is competitive. Cal Poly continues to have more qualified applicants than available new student spaces. All students must declare a major when submitting their application. Cal Poly comprehensively reviews all applications as we look for students who have strong academic records and are active in and outside the classroom. Beyond the basic qualifications for the California State University, Cal Poly considers other factors for admission and does so in an objective format. In fact, it is impossible to predict a candidate’s chances of admission by looking at the academic record alone. That is why when we review your application, we consider:

  • Number of units completed
  • Your intended program of study (the major to which you are applying)
  • Completion of CSU and Cal Poly program required coursework with a grade of ‘C’ or better.
  • General Education or IGETC courses
  • Academic performance in your classes (GPA)
  • Your extracurricular and work experience as specified on the Application for Admission.

All transfer applicants must have a minimum of 60 transferable semester (90 quarter) units completed prior to transfer. For Fall Term admission, applicants must have the coursework completed no later than the end of the previous Spring Term.


Applicants will receive consideration for any General Education courses completed, but those who have all G.E. (General Education Breadth) or IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) completed will receive maximum consideration in this category. “Completion” refers to:

Completion of the CSU lower-division GE requirements—39 units
Completion of IGETC—37 units—including the graduation requirements in History (Area 4F) & Political Science, Government & Legal Institutions (4H).

Note: If your current institution does not have a G.E. Breadth or IGETC curriculum, reference Cal Poly’s General Education curriculum:


Courses listed below are important in applying to this major and you maximize (but not guarantee) your chance of selection. Fall Term applicants must complete these units by the Spring, not Summer, preceding their term of enrollment to receive consideration in the admission selection process.

Courses listed in bold are required for selection to this major. You will not be competitive in the selection process without them! Completing all listed courses, again, maximizes your competiveness in the selection process, but doesn’t guarantee selection.

NOTE: Use to identify the articulation (course equivalencies) between Cal Poly and California Community Colleges for these courses. Out-of-state and four-year transfer students may have to compare their catalog course descriptions with Cal Poly’s catalog to identify the equivalent course content for these courses. Cal Poly is unable to evaluate transcripts prior to selection.


English Composition Required
Critical Thinking Required
Speech Required

Courses that articulate with:
MATH 141/Calculus I and
MATH 142/Calculus II
MATH 143/Calculus III and
MATH 241/Calculus IV and
MATH 242/Differential Equations I


Two courses that articulate with:
PHYS 141/General Physics IA and
PHYS 132/General Physics II
PHYS 133/General Physics III


Major Related Courses 1*
Courses that articulate with:
MATH 206/Linear Algebra I
Or MATH 244/Linear Analysis I


Major Related Course 2*
A course that articulates with:
CSC or CPE 101/Fundamentals of Computer Science I
CSC or CPE 235/Fundamentals of Computer Science for Scientists & Engineers


*These courses correspond to the Major Related section of the Application for Admission for this major.

Please Note: All information is subject to change without prior notice.

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