Transfer Students

Applicants applying as a college transfer student should be at the junior transfer level (60 or more transferable semester units or 90 quarter units by the time of transfer [end of previous spring term for fall admission]). Cal Poly does NOT accept applications for these categories:

  • Lower-division transfer applicants (less than 60 transferable semester units or 90 transferable quarter units upon transfer).
  • Students seeking a second Baccalaureate degree.
  • Students seeking professional growth or professional development.

In this section

  • Your Application and Deadlines – view the deadline for transfer applicants.
  • Selection Criteria – view how transfer applicants compete to be selected for admission for each major.
  • Submitting Documents – view a quick note about NOT submitting documents unless requested to do so.
  • Selection Timeline – view when selection is made for undergraduate applicants.
  • MyCalPoly – view the process for accessing our University’s Portal system once your application has been loaded to our student database.
  • Application Changes – discusses allowed changes to your submitted application and the process for submission.
  • Residency Information – discusses the rules governing residency requirements for the California State University sytem.

Remember, these are the steps for applying…

  • Explore and choose a major to which you will apply since Cal Poly requires applicants to declare a major on the application.
  • Review the selection criteria for your intended major by selecting ‘selection criteria’ from the quicklinks menu.
  • Submit your application by the November 30th deadline as Cal Poly does not accept late applications.

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Applicants (who have received the access email) and Admitted students can access Cal Poly's Uportal: MyCalPoly.

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