Applicant First Time Account Activation

This is a walk-through for the first time activation of an applicant account.

  1. Visit and click on "Need Help?". This will bring you to the Account and Password Help.

    MyCalPoly Portal screenshot

  2. Do you know your Cal Poly username?
    Account Password Help Screen 2

  3. If you know your Cal Poly Username, enter it on the left-hand side.

    Cal Poly Username Screen

    If you know the home email address you used on your application, expand the "I am a student applicant" option and enter it on the right-hand side.

    I am a student applicant Screen

  4. Now You will be shown the available options.
    Expand the "Request an account activation code" option, confirm the email delivery address looks correct, and click send.

    If the "Request an account activation code" option is not shown, you have already set your initial password. This option is only available for setting your password the first time. See other possible options below.

    Request an account activation code Screen

  5. You will now be asked for the code that is sent to your email delivery address.
    You have only 5 minutes to enter this code.
    5 minutes to enter this code Screen

  6. The email you receive will look something like this.
    Email Message screen

  7. Enter the code and click Activate.

    Enter the code and click Activate.

  8. You will now be able to set your password as before:
    Setting Password screen

Possible Issues

Unable to identify your account

If we are not able to locate your account, this message will be displayed. You will receive this message when we are unable to locate your account information based on the information you provided, Cal Poly Username or home email address. In some cases, this can indicate a Cal Poly Username has not yet been assigned.


Your account has already been activated

You can only do the initial activation one time. If you have already done this you will be offered the option of re-activating your account by answering your security questions. Expand this option and answer the questions (correctly) and you will be able to reset your password.Possible Errors screen 1

*Applicants: You will need this password periodically throughout the application process. Please do not lose your passwords. If you forget your password, the ONLY METHOD for retrieving your password is following the instructions on the 'Forget Password' page.

NO CAL POLY OFFICE, including the Admissions Office, can give you your password by phone or through email. The instructions on the 'Forget Password' link above is the only way to retrieve your password.

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